Coming Soon

Coming online summer of 2024!

While I have a place to host the repeater on the west side of the lake, I am looking to see if anyone would be willing to host the repeater on a nearby tower to increase the coverage area.

This is an open repeater to all licensed GMRS holders.

This is a relaxed atmosphere, plain talk, no need for 10 codes or Q codes. First names are fine just follow the FCC rules and throw out your call sign when needed to keep the Karen’s of radio appeased. While I want to keep this a little less formal than other repeaters I don’t want it to turn into a free for all. Please be courteous and keep it somewhat PG-13.

That’s about it, any questions feel free to shoot me an email at

Thanks and take care

Gil (WRAP438 / W2GIL)

See Repeater Information for tones etc…